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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pedicabbing Part 1

Pedicabbing is one of the most enjoyable jobs at times. I get paid to exercise. I definitely could never do it full time and when I do it more than 5 times a month it takes some of the fun out of it. Asking people to take rides at time is one of the reasons it gets tiring A majority of the time you get the same uncreative answers from people when you ask them if they want a ride. Most people will say “no thank you”. At times it gets really hard not to give some smart ass comment back though. Here are a couple common examples:

Location – Pepsi Center parking lot - .25 miles from the door

Me: “ How would you like a pedicab ride?”

Them: “I’m good.”

Now how is that answering the question. If you are good does that mean when you’re bad you would take a ride? Or is there an evil twin out there that will take a ride? I understand that you are feeling good but what does that have to do with enjoying a fun pedicab ride.

Location – Pepsi Center parking lot - .25 miles from the door

Me: “ How about a ride tonight?”

Them: “I need exercise.”

This is one of the ones that really kill me. The people walking to the Pepsi center will maybe burn off a chocolate chip worth of calories walking to the doors Once they are inside what do they do but consume copious amounts of food and alcohol. If they really felt they needed to get exercise, they would be at the gym and it is obvious with a lot of these people that they never go to the gym.

Now there have been a few people that have given me responses that have left me with no idea how to respond.

2 guys walking by

Me: “Would you two like a ride tonight.

Guy 1: “No thanks, we just got married and don’t feel the need to proclaim our homosexuality tonight.”

A second later the guys wives walked by and just replied sorry our husbands aren’t paying tonight.


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