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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day 2.1

So the first morning I woke up in England was a beautiful overcast morning. It had rained the night before but I didn't here it rain at all. For breakfast I had crumpets and tea. It was a slow morning compared to home.

After breakfast, I walked with Ben from his house to his office. We walked by the pub down the street from his house with a cricket field next to it. The paths we took did not seem to be the most direct path but it was enjoyable to walk paths instead of walking along the street. We walked down one wooded section which if I remember correctly Ben said was called Legless lane. The path gained this name because some time in the past supposedly someone found a leg on the path. We saw people walking their dogs and the most prevalent breed was german shepards.

We also walked across what used to be part of a park but is now used as a parking lot for when the university has recruitment or orientation. It was really disappointing and when Ben was pointing it out I tried not to think about it but I agreed with Ben that it was really sad. It would be nice to have seen it as part of the park. You could see where the paths came in and there was a statue at one end.

When we arrived at Ben's office, we made arrangement to meet at 4. It was 9:30 or so when we got there so that gave me over six hours to wander and have fun. I had already decided I was going to try and get over to the climbing wall in Leeds. So I started walking in a southerly direction.

I walked by some of their city building which one building had 4 lion statues out front. The building were covered in netting which I assumed was to keep birds from landing on the buildings. I walked by this small little park with a statue in the center. This statue caught my attention and it was my first picture in England. The reason the statue caught my attention was that it was a statue of a woman with three boars around her. I did not find out the significance of the boars but the statue caught my eye and was when I decided I needed to start taking pictures.

After taking this picture, I stopped in a bagel shop for an egg bagel sandwich. I ordered an everything bagel and was mildly amused that the girl behind the counter checked to make sure garlic on the bagel was ok. Walking while eating my sandwich, I was entering an area that had a considerable more amount of traffic. I walked by the Olympic swimming pool that was located in Leeds and I was coming up to some large traffic circles. I was on a path that entered into a very small park area and was not sure what way I wanted to go when the path split. I saw that one of the paths went under the train tracks in front of me. So I decided to take that path. I get to the entrance of the tunnel and it was approximately 6 and a half feet tall and I could almost touch both sides of the walls at the same time. I walked down this tunnel and when I come out I'm in what seems like a warehouse. I have a couple forklifts driving around and I'm surrounded by pallets of stuff. I had suddenly gone from a nice little park to an industrial area. I turned around and took a picture of the tunnel because it transported me to a totally different area.


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