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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Laundry List of Prizes

So for the past year I have gone to every Spot climbing competition. The cost for the comps have been 125 dollars. I also spent 35 for an Access membership. For the cost of that I got to climb, drink free beer and eat pizza. At the end of every competition there has been a raffle. Out of the last 5 comps I have one something at everyone except for the Halloween comp. Here are the prizes that I have one over the past year.

At the finals last February I won

Rope – Mammut Revelation 9.2

The comp this past November I won

Coffee Mug, Bag of Chalk and T-Shirt

Then a couple weeks during the December comp I won

Climbing Shoe from LaSportiva and I choose a pair of Katana

Last night at the competition I won

Sleeping bag – Mont bell Down Hugger 2

Hat – LaSportiva Beanie


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