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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dogs in car

Last night I was pedicabbing the Bronco game and around 8 o'clock at night I saw a couple officers around a truck trying to get rope around a dogs neck. A minute later I heard the alarm go off which I assumed meant they had contained the dog and were removing it from the vehicle. My first thought was the owners were going to be pissed when they got back. The second was that it was evening not to warm and it was probably fine for the dog to be in the car. I then wondered if the dog was a pit bull and they were removing it because they are illegal in Denver. There wasn't much time to think about it but I have always been hesitant about leaving my dog in the car. Well I hope the owner was not to upset and the dog is ok.

On a side note I will not be caring chocolate in my money bag any more. I had a chocolate bar melt and leak creating chocolate money. It was pretty messy and made the money stick together.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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