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Monday, March 13, 2006

Sunday Morning

This past morning Sunday was a very eventful or uneventful dependant on how you look at. I can’t say that I achieved anything of great note. What did happen is that I talked with a lot of family. The day started out with receiving a call from my cousin Kassie. She was calling to come out for a visit. She lacked details of when but sometime hopefully in the near future she will be visiting. She said she would call back in a bit with more information.

When she called me back, she informed me that Grandma said Sarah (my aunt) would be visit after her trip. She didn’t have any information about when except it would be end of April. So in turn, I called Grandma to find more information out.

Grandma informed me that Sarah had to be back in NM by May 4 and was arriving in Phili by April 18. So it would be sometime in between there that Sarah would visit. I have been highly doubtful that Sarah was coming to visit, as I have lived in Colorado for almost 10 years and she has lived 400 miles away in NM and never visited. I guess she is going to finally prove me wrong.

While talking with Grandma, I told her I was coming home the first weekend of April. It is going to be a busy weekend. My sister anniversary is that weekend, my mom’s birthday on the 3rd and there will be family a plenty to see. I have a new nephew and bunch of second cousins that have been born since the last time I was home. I will definitely spend some time with Grandma though. Luckily, she lives in the same house as my parents so I can stop by and bug her a lot.

After talking with grandma, I decided I better talk with my sister. I hadn’t talked with Erin in a while and needed to give a call and see how she was handling a second kid. She sounded happy and was enjoying having another child. I told her that I was coming home in April and August. She was happy to hear that and mentioned that she want me to be Godfather to one of her children. Now that is an extreme honor for me but I think it has different meaning for me than what it means in the Christian church. I think I will talk about that more when I come back from my visit.

It was good talking with her and need to remember to call more often. Afterward I talked with my mother for a little bit. I missed talking with my dad who flew out for Death Valley for the week.

So Sunday morning after getting up I spent about 3 to 4 hours talking with family. It is not what I expected to do on Sunday but it was probably one of the most enjoyable mornings I have had in a while.


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