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Friday, September 08, 2006


So I went climbing today at lunch and I hit my knee pretty good on a hold when my foot slipped. It bruised up almost immediately and I had to stop soon after. On my way back to work, I started thinking of all the times I have been hurt in my life and then I remembered when I was younger I thought that when you die all the injuries that you had in life reappear. I used to keep track of every injury I received so I could determine how bad off I would be. I stopped when I determined I would probably have no skin left. I would at least be structurally sound because I have never broken a bone or torn a ligament. I don’t know if bruises would just be a lot of internal cuts or what.

I could never determine if you would run out of blood. With all the cuts and holes and stuff it seems it would drain pretty quick.


Blogger safed_chuha said...

Yeah, read about my recent bruises too. They don't have to come back. I have enough of them right now.

2:26 PM  

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