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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ceiling Fan

Click Click Click. The fan spin and every revolution there is a click. Now there are many things I could do to get rid of the clicking. I could turn of the ceiling fan or I could disembowel it to find what part is clicking. But is it my right to get rid of the clicking. How do I know it doesn’t serve some higher purpose like stopping the bellybutton lint monster from hiding lint in my bellybutton. It is really amazing how it gets in there. Maybe that is why I haven’t any in a long time. Or that could be because I haven’t worn any shedding clothes or taken a lint bath lately.

Lint is such a soft material. I’ve wanted to make hats out of lint ever since I heard of a friend who new someone who collected lint from the dryer and made clothes out of it. I realized very quickly that type of project was not for me. I have a habit of starting stuff and never making any progress on it until one day I decide damn it I just need to finish it. I find starting the project more enjoyable than finishing it. I seem to start stuff all the time and then get distracted. It usually takes only a couple minutes to distract me like now. I have total lost the train of thought about the fan. It stopped clicking. Guess I don't have to decide what to do about it now,


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